Laguna Camp


Looking for some fun-filled adventure? Experience our fund and exciting outdoor activities that you can enjoy while away from the busy world! Try our adrenaline rush adventure! Go round and round with our 360 swing or test your strength and climb our rock wall and face your fear as you glide in our zipline

Rest and Relax

If you’re looking for a place to chill, unwind and be refreshed, we offer a serene place where you can camp out and hang out with friends and family! Top it that with some hotdogs and s’mores!

Upcoming Events

Contact Details:
If you don't belong to an organization, please type the name of the coordinator or family name.
Event Details:
e.g. Regular, Team Building, Baptism, etc.
WOL Program:
Full program facilitated by Word of Life Camp Staff
Terms: 30 persons and above
Inclusions: Team building activities, WOL Bible Hour/Speaker, 1 Free Zipline or 360 Swing
Non-WOL Program: Full program facilitated by group/guest.
Indicate food allergen notice, need for sound system, etc.