Health Protocols

We care about your health and safety

Upon Your Arrival

  • An area for safety and health procedures is designated upon your arrival.
  • Please step into the floor mat to sanitize your footwear. 
  • Have your temperature checked & recorded by our camp staff.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly at the wash area.
  • Fill up our digital contact tracing form.


  • Cabins and guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned and checked before use.
  • Hand soaps are provided for each room.
  • Bed space is limited to half of the total capacity to ensure safe distancing.
  • Beddings undergo a thorough sanitation and washing process after use.
  • Each room is properly disinfected and thoroughly inspected for next use. 

Dining Experience

  • The Dining Hall is thoroughly cleaned. All chairs, tables, and other equipment are properly disinfected.
  • Food is served through a managed buffet, with food servers assisting the guest.
  • Queues are managed during buffets to maintain safe distancing. Only one-way flow is allowed at the Dining Hall.
  • Group seating is limited per table to maintain safe distancing.

Session Areas

  • Seating capacity at session areas is reduced to half. 
  • Thorough sanitation with focus on high-touch items and high-traffic areas is regularly observed. 
  • Sound system and audiovisual equipment are disinfected after every use. 
  • Signages are put in place to serve as reminders for guests.

Public Spaces

  • Public areas, social grounds, washrooms, and high-touch items are thoroughly cleaned regularly.
  • Hand soap is available at every wash area. 
  • Rubbing alcohol is available at designated areas around the campgrounds.